I choose to position myself to support anyone who is raising their hand. I will never impose myself, my views, or a strategy for those not wanting it.

Let’s be clear: you haven’t worked your entire life, building your business, to see it decimated by circumstances outside of your control or influence.

Not every business is in a position to ‘pivot’, to change their practices, and market elsewhere, to maintain cashflow. Yes, this why the government assistance is so critical to support you and your team now.  For those motivated to succeed irrespective of the odds, I want to hear from you.

Right now, it’s vital to implement 3 key strategies:

  • Stabilization
  • Fortification
  • Growth

For those of you that believe business survival isn’t enough, I prompt you to take the right actions now to sustain and grow your business. Contact us today so we can work on these 3 key strategies together.

It is my mission and purpose to support the Vancouver Business Community, now and forevermore. If you need the support, I urge that you reach out; my team and I will do all we can to help.

The decisions you must take won’t wait for you to be certain in an uncertain world.

It’s time to take action now, and we are ready to coach you through the process!

Joel Zimelstern

Joel Zimelstern

I use my leadership skills to empower others and help clear the way for them to become the best version of themselves, and in doing so, I create opportunities for growth and fulfilment.