I have noticed that so many businesses are reacting to the ever changing dynamics of the Coronavirus pandemic. This is a natural reaction and yet it is vital to plan and operate at a higher level to ensure survival and growth through and beyond the current situation.

Many businesses do not know what to do next, are in a form of denial and paralyzed by the uncertainty. Many are going to rely on the government to support them and solve this crises. Where support is available, it should be taken, but know you are responsible for how you come out the other side and thrive.

I am committed to support you now, together we will address the tough questions that need answering and plan and execute a plan through this current paradigm. I know my colleagues around the world remain committed to your success and not just your survival. It’s ok to be scared, in fact it’s natural. To deny it gives it more power and it becomes a shadow that can
consume you.

Take action TODAY to get back on track and lead with purpose!

Acceptance and acknowledgment frees you from the wasted energy of denial. Instead use your energy focusing on getting clarity, what you can do, take action and move towards your goals. Now is an unprecedented time and arguably an opportunity for you to return to your center, rebalance and redefine your life and business.

The hands of the clock will continue to turn and you get to choose how you will spend that time. Use it wisely, plan, take action and thrive! In business as in life, your authenticity is your greatest asset. Don’t squander it because you are scared!

Joel Zimelstern

Joel Zimelstern

I use my leadership skills to empower others and help clear the way for them to become the best version of themselves, and in doing so, I create opportunities for growth and fulfilment.