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Why I became a business coach

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Why I became a Business Coach

Who am I, and what is my background

I am Joel Zimelstern, head coach of ActionCOACH Vancouver. Before arriving in Canada at the end of 2019, I had a successful insurance business that fought insurance companies on behalf of claimants. This led to me having several offices across the UK and being called to manage claims across the globe. After doing this for 32 years, I decided to follow my passion and support business owners and individuals in achieving all they chose and, more importantly, what they were capable of.

Helping one person at a time was rewarding but didn’t make the impact I am compelled to make. My version of ‘trickle-down economics’ means that as your business succeeds, your team and the community you serve to benefit. This creates wealth for every party influenced by your business. So coaching business owners allows me to support one person at a time but impact many more due to that process.

What Inspired Me To Become A Business Coach: Empowering Others Through Compassion, Listening, & Understanding My Experience as an Entrepreneur & What It Taught Me About Business Coaching

Since the 1980s, I have been driven to find what works and improve my performance. This caused me to discover the leaders of their fields in all areas, studying with them, gaining qualifications and numerous certifications. I also spent time with the latest crop of ‘snake oil’ salespeople, who promised the earth and delivered very little.

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These experiences taught me to discern the fundamentals of success in life and business. This remains an ongoing process and one I commit to daily to ensure that my clients and those I can speak to are empowered by focusing on the difference that makes the difference in their life and business.


I sought out coaches and mentors, and each supported me in achieving results beyond what I thought was reasonable, let alone realistic. This taught me that not every coach or coaching system is equal. Many call themselves a coach by being able to follow a script or, worse, try out the new and exciting idea that they were just sold while completely missing the reason why someone engaged them in the first place. Yet I found and engaged incredible coaches who caused me to discover what it took to be successful and held me accountable.


My purpose in life is to give people the choices and the tools they need to unshackle themselves from the limits of what they thought was possible.

The Benefits of Having A Coach And A Mentor & How It Helped Me Find My Path

Having a mentor can be an invaluable source of support and guidance on one’s small business’ journey. Through mentoring relationships, entrepreneurs can benefit from the wisdom and experience of those in their position before. This kind of access to knowledge can help new business owners overcome roadblocks more quickly and efficiently, saving them time and money.

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For me, having a mentor helped me to gain clarity about my vision and purpose as a business coach. By conversing with someone knowledgeable about entrepreneurship, most business owners, I gained valuable insight into giving the best coaching services and forming meaningful relationships with clients. My mentor also gave me feedback that enabled me to become a better listener, which is essential for any successful business coaching service or relationship.


In addition to providing guidance on professional development matters, having a mentor also gave me emotional support during difficult times. Knowing that there was someone with whom I could share my worries and frustrations—and receive positive reinforcement—was incredibly beneficial when dealing with challenging scenarios. They gave me the confidence to push forward despite these difficulties, helping me stay motivated to pursue my goals.


Overall, I’m grateful for the opportunity to work alongside an experienced mentor and coach who could provide practical advice and emotional support throughout the first meeting of my career journey as a first business owner and coach.


How Understanding Psychology Enabled Me to Better Guide My Clients

A deep understanding of psychology enabled me to become an effective business and entrepreneurship coach. Having a grasp of psychology, I could better understand my clients and create an environment characterized by mutual trust and respect during our sessions. With this knowledge, I also established realistic expectations for our mentorships and helped them focus more on their business and career goals.

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Moreover, understanding psychology gave me insight into how people react to different types of feedback and guidance. For example, I saw when someone needed more time or space before discussing certain topics to process the information meaningfully. This allowed me to give my clients the support they required to reach their full potential as entrepreneurs.


Another advantage of having a strong foundation in psychology was that it enabled me to customize my approach depending on each client’s unique needs and situation. Rather than giving generic advice, I could hone my mentoring skills by adjusting my strategies based on the individual’s circumstances and issues.


By understanding psychology comprehensively, I became an effective business coach for my clients through tailored mentorship and action plans designed with their specific needs in mind.


How Psychology Can Enable Business Coaching

Business and coaching services can be invaluable to any team or organization. It is a form of professional and business coaching services that focuses on helping people in the workplace become more successful, productive and creative. But how can psychology enable your business coaching services?


Psychology plays an important role in understanding human behaviour and motivation. With this insight, a business coach can offer guidance and support, enabling teams to work effectively by setting achievable expectations and goals. By understanding how people think and act, the right business coach can help create strategies to build trust, communication and empathy between individuals and consider cultural diversity when building teams or presenting ideas to different audiences.


Psychology also helps bolster problem-solving and leadership skills by helping teams identify potential solutions for challenging projects or tasks; by exploring different perspectives and weighing up the pros & cons of each approach with facts & logic – before making decisions about which best suits the team’s current objectives & capabilities. Developing cognitive flexibility – the ability to adjust one’s thinking in response to differing situations – encourages creativity within working dynamics which is essential for innovation & growth.


Ultimately, applying psychological insights during business & leadership coaching helps leaders foster positive work environments where team members feel valued & respected while allowing them to realize their true potential – developing self-awareness & confidence. At the same time, strengthening relationships between people in-house or remotely via virtual meetings/discussions if needed!

The Power of Self-Reflection As a Tool for Professional Development

Self-reflection is a powerful tool for professional development. By reflecting on successes and failures, we can gain insight into our strengths and weaknesses that can help guide us on our entrepreneurial journeys.

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When I was a small business owners’ coach client, self-reflection was instrumental in my progress as an entrepreneur. Through weekly check-ins with my coach, I took the time to assess my performance and the entire company and identify areas where I could improve or capitalize on existing skills. Having honest conversations with someone who had experience running their own business also provided me with invaluable advice, allowing me to maximize the impact of self-reflection.


In addition to improving my performance as a strategic coach and an entrepreneur, self-reflection enabled me to better understand myself as both a professional and a person. Taking stock of what works for me and how I could be more mindful of certain aspects of my behaviour helped me become more confident in my approach toward work, relationships, and life.


Overall, self-reflection has been an invaluable tool for professional development, enabling me to become more successful as an entrepreneur. Working with a mentor gave me the space and support necessary to use this practice effectively and apply it to my daily work-life balance.

The Role of Continuous Learning & Personal Growth in Successful Business Coaching

Continuous learning and personal growth are essential for successful business coaching. As a talented business coach and an entrepreneur, staying current with the latest trends, best practices and technologies are important to be competitive in today’s ever-changing market. Therefore, staying informed on the latest industry insights and business decisions is critical for any business coach to effectively guide their clients toward success.

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Moreover, embracing personal growth opportunities helps mentors become more attuned to their needs and values. By focusing on these aspects, a coach can work with their clients more meaningfully by understanding how they think and respond to certain situations. This also enables them to provide better advice tailored to each client’s circumstances.


In addition, continuous learning and personal growth enable coaches to foster an honest relationship with their clients based on mutual trust and respect. Clients feel supported when they know their mentors are genuinely invested in helping them achieve their goals through constant professional development and self-improvement.


Continuous learning and personal growth are key components of successful business coaching. They enable mentors to provide sound advice and foster lasting relationships with their clients based on trust and understanding.

Monitoring Market Trends & Keeping Up With Technology To Help Clients Grow Their Businesses

Monitoring market trends and keeping up with technology are important for helping clients grow their businesses. The business landscape changes rapidly, and staying informed about the latest developments is essential to be competitive.

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Investing time in researching market trends keeps executive coaches and executives updated on what’s happening in their industry so that they can provide more accurate advice to their clients. By familiarizing themselves with current developments, mentors such as coaches can help clients gain insights into their target markets and plan for potential challenges or opportunities.


Similarly, staying up-to-date with technology helps coaches identify effective solutions for marketing efforts that enable their clients to take advantage of new sales opportunities, increase revenue, and automate certain processes that allow them to focus on other areas of their business. Mentors can also provide valuable guidance on utilizing technologies efficiently and help prevent costly mistakes related to working with unfamiliar platforms.


Monitoring market trends and staying informed on the latest technological advancements enable investment mentors to better equip their clients with the knowledge, human resources and tools necessary for successful business growth.

Building Resilience in Difficult Times: Helping Clients Through Challenges by Providing Support & Guidance

Building resilience in difficult times is important to a coach’s job. Clients may face various obstacles and challenges which can affect their personal, professional and financial well-being. As a mentor, you must provide support and guidance throughout these difficult times so your clients can become stronger and more resilient.

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First, providing compassion and understanding during challenging situations can make all the difference for clients who are feeling overwhelmed. A coach should always remember that what may seem like a minor issue could be externally or internally life-altering for the client. Listening patiently and offering genuine advice without pushing too hard is important. Sometimes, listening and lending a compassionate ear relieves someone during a crisis.


Secondly, offering solutions in difficult times is one of the most valuable services coaches can provide to their clients. By helping them identify potential opportunities even in negative scenarios, coaches empower their clients with the tools they need to navigate crises successfully and remain resilient no matter what happens in their personal lives.


Building resilience in difficult times is an integral part of successful business coaching. Mentors, other business owners, female entrepreneurs, and coaches should strive to provide support and guidance and give their clients the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome challenges confidently.

Innovation: Inspiring Clients to Think Creatively About Solutions & Taking Action on New Opportunities

Innovation is essential to business coaching as mentors strive to help their clients succeed. It is important to coach entrepreneurs to inspire clients to think creatively about solutions and new opportunities and take action on them to remain competitive and achieve more in their company and industry.

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The first step for encouraging innovation is helping clients find ways to approach seemingly insurmountable problems. Coaches should help their mentees develop creative thinking skills, such as brainstorming or “outside the box” problem-solving methods, which can lead them to find unique solutions more suitable for their particular situation.


Moreover, once an executive coach or a client has identified a potential innovative solution, the executive coach must guide how best to execute it and equip the client with the necessary knowledge and skills. This can include providing resources which cover what needs to be done for the new opportunity or solution to be implemented successfully; research materials related to current trends and strategies so that the executive coaching the client will have a better understanding of what works best; or referring contacts who could aid in further developing the idea into reality.


Inspiring creativity and enabling action are two key components of successful marketing and business coaching innovation. Mentors and other business coaches and consultants should strive to push their clients out of their comfort zone and empower them with the knowledge and tools they need to bring creativity into action confidently.


Striving For Excellence in All Things: Setting Achievable Goals Through Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership aims to help managers, corporate executives, and clients succeed by setting achievable goals and striving for excellence in their lives. As a mentor, it is important to provide guidance that will inspire clients to develop their skills and knowledge and trust themselves while achieving their objectives for success.

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Firstly, successful mentors, such as coaches, must be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each client and use them to create individualized strategies that are both achievable and tailored to their mentee’s needs. For example, a coach can recognize the key areas in which their client excels and motivate them to challenge themselves further by introducing more complex tasks or recognizing potential limitations to set realistic goals.


In addition, hiring a business coach, a coach should strive to build trusting relationships with their clients, allowing for honest communication about successes and failures. This will enable clients to gain confidence in themselves throughout the journey toward achieving excellence in everything they do.


Ultimately, striving for excellence requires strategic planning and setting achievable goals with the help of trustworthy guidance from a competent life coach beforehand. Mentors should strive to help individuals reach their objectives and provide support and guidance, many benefits which will turn into valuable life lessons for each client during this process.


In Summary

It is a privilege to follow my purpose and make a difference to so many people and the communities they are part of. I will always remember this and strive for excellence in everything. Utilizing psychological insights during business coaching helps me to help my clients reach their goals and become successful, inspiring leaders.


Through transformational leadership, I set achievable goals with my clients and strengthened relationships both within the team and externally. These efforts aspire towards a greater good: helping people feel empowered, valued and respected while developing their skills and knowledge to become their best.


In this way, I hope I am making a positive contribution to our world.


If you are looking for a coach and mentor who can help you reach your goals and become successful, I would love to discuss how my transformational leadership approach could impact your future. My passion lies in helping people realize their potential and achieve excellence in all aspects of life. Get in touch with me today so we can start this journey together! Let’s discover what amazing things we can create by setting achievable goals and striving for excellence!




Joel Zimelstern

Joel Zimelstern

I use my leadership skills to empower others and help clear the way for them to become the best version of themselves, and in doing so, I create opportunities for growth and fulfilment.