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An Action-Oriented Approach to Maximize Your Business Success

Next Masterclass begins on Friday 1 March 2024

Transform Your Business

With Coaching Success’ 12-Week Sales Training, you can transform your business and unlock its potential. Our sales training program provides you with the tools, resources, and action-oriented approach you need to maximize your business success. Our approach focuses on taking action and creating creative solutions, allowing you to make the most out of your business.

Maximize Your Profits

Our 12-Week Sales Training will help you maximize your profits. Our team of experienced coaches and business advisors will provide you with the guidance and tools you need to take your business to the next level. We will help you identify improvement areas, develop creative solutions, and implement strategies to maximize your business’s potential and profitability.

12-Week Program

Our 12-Week Sales Training program is comprehensive and tailored to the needs of your business. Our program includes weekly coaching sessions, business assessments, and action-oriented tasks to help you achieve your business goals. We also provide additional resources and tools to help you understand the various aspects of sales and maximize the success of your business.

What you will learn and implement each week

Week 1 – Mindset & Professionalism

Week 2 – Beliefs

Week 3 – Communication and Engagement

Week 4 – Prospecting, Qualifying, & Targeting

Week 5 – Lead Qualification

Week 6 – Technique & Sales

Week 7 – Sales Negotiation & Objection Handling

Week 8 – Understanding your Competition

Week 9 – Database & Tools

Week 10 – Customer Service & Support

Week 11 – Enrolment

Week 12 – Scripts, Action, & Deliver

Practice is just as valuable as a sale; the sale will make you a living; the skill will make you a fortune.

 – Jim Rohn

Next Masterclass begins on Friday 1 March 2024

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