Leverage – Where you build Systems and Efficiencies

Many business owners have been told that all it takes to turn their hobby into a business is through systems. And they would be right, but this is not the place to start, particularly if your business remains chaotic and unpredictable. This is why once we have addressed the core competencies of a business and its structure, and there is free cash flow to invest, we teach our clients about SYSTEMS, as we like to say:


There are 4 areas to gain Leverage through the right systems, producing ever more for ever less. These are shown here:

The strategies we teach are built around your business’s structure to function as the Commercial, Profitable Enterprise that Works. The 9 areas we cover are:

  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Points of Culture
  4. Goals
  5. Organization Charts
  6. Positional Contracts
  7. Key Performance Indicators
  8. How-to Systems
  9. Management Reporting Systems

Building a successful business is a system you, as the owner, must learn and apply correctly. Do it in the wrong order or focus just on one area, and you will begin to wonder why you are still working harder than when you had a job!

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