For my friends in business, here are the bleeding obvious rules for business success.

You have 3 options to make more money:

1) Cut costs
2) Sell more to existing customers (up-sell and cross-sell)
3) Find new customers

Anything else that you do, is in service of these options.  How you deliver on these variables will determine at what level and at what frequency you will serve your customers.

When you started in business you differentiated your business from the competition by exceeding your prospective clients expectations, delivering better quality, more quickly and with personal attention to detail. You went out of your way to enable your clients to experience your service and not just be part of a
transaction. You wowed and wooed them at every opportunity.

How would your business be tomorrow if you went back to these first principles and raised your game and delivered not just on your clients expressed wishes but met ALL unexpressed expectations from you, your product and your delivery of service?

Huh! Might just turn your good business into a great one.

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