Everything you want to know about your financial future but was afraid to ask!

Your business will be more financially secure

Feel confident & excited about your financial future!

Gain control over your future

Live and in person on May 9 2023



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You are enjoying the life of your dreams with a business working for you!

Transform your life and achieve what once seemed impossible!

Make your business work for YOU, and create a future you always hoped for!
Learn the 6-Steps to free you from working at your own JOB!

Achieve your business goals faster than ever before.

Discover the 5-ways you can massively impact your results straight away.

Learn the strategies you MUST implement to secure your wealth today and in the future!

Savings without planning is guaranteed to make banks rich and you poor!

Experience the life of your dreams now & long into your future.

Get excited about the difference you will make in life away from work for you and your family, not when you are too old to enjoy it!

Your presenters

Joel Zimelstern

Head Coach at ActionCOACH Vancouver

Joel is an award-winning business and executive coach. He has worked for over 30 years in the UK within his own insurance business and is also a coach and trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

After leaving the UK in 2019, he committed to empowering and teaching business owners how to succeed so that the business works for the owner to fulfill their goals and dreams.

Joel believes that business has the potential to make a huge and positive impact in the lives of the owners, their team and the community they serve.

Jake Lee

Award-winning Financial Advisor at IG Wealth Management

Jake is a passionate financial advisor who wants to help the people of Canada make informed decisions about their money. Jake has over 13 years of experience in brokerage and banking, with most time spent working at large firms.

He saw first-hand how many Canadians have difficulty getting quality advice from professionals like him. He believes that accurate information will empower more individuals than simply giving them things they don't know already, so his goal as an Advisor isn’t just making a profit but rather helping clients through education when it comes down right choice on what type or investment vehicle is best suits one's needs.

The Worlds leading Coaching Firm & Financial Advisors

Coaching more than 15,000 businesses per week globally 

ActionCOACH's vision is world abundance through business reeducation, and they are committed to achieving this in every territory they serve and beyond. 

World leading Investment, Wealth Managers and Planners

IG Wealth Management delivers expertise that maximizes diversification.

A disciplined selection and monitoring process.

Sustainable investing principles that emphasize the long term.

Constant and Never-ending Improvement is the standard throughout the company.

ActionCOACH is the world's most successful business coaching organization by ensuring all coaches are rigorously trained in the latest strategies and tactics to grow a business

Developing innovative ways to responsibly invest our clients’ capital since 1926

Responsibly investing to achieve long-term financial goals using sustainable investment principles for now and for future generations.

Industry-leading and unique
7-point guarantee

ActionCOACH has a proud long history of guiding its clients to massive success. This is why we can guarantee the results or coach you for FREE!

Offering guaranteed investment products to compliment your investment strategy.

Protect your money during turbulent times.

Reach your financial goals with ease.

Make the right investments for you.

"Having Joel as my business coach took all the guesswork out of the problems I was having with my business."

- David Turnbull

"Jake is very professional and informative. He’s a person I have grown to respect and trust with my and my family’s financial decisions."

- T. P.

Let our past attendees and clients do the talking.

"Having Joel as a business coach took all the guesswork out of my problems. There is tremendous value in having an expert, outside perspective on your business!"

- Ava Miller

"The best part about working with Jake is the personal connection! He is always contactable and so easy to recommend to others!"

- O. N.

"I've worked with Joel on various parts of my business, and there is no better accountability partner or coach that will push you to achieve results better than you'd hoped."

- Corné Mouton

Frequently Asked Questions.

I'm considering attending the free seminar, but wanted to check: is it really free? 

Hey there! Yes, the seminar is absolutely free - no obligation whatsoever.

We'll also be inviting you to a complimentary coaching session and a financial review so you can see what it's all about and how it could potentially benefit you. Either way, there's no pressure, so come along and check it out if you're curious!

Do I have to sign up for anything if I attend the seminar?

No, you don't have to sign up for anything if you attend the seminar. We only ask that you come with an open mind and a desire to implement what you learn. We'll provide all the materials and resources you need to get started. Just bring yourself and be ready to learn!

Why do I need to apply if the seminar is free??

We want to ensure that we're investing our time and resources in business owners & individuals committed to making their businesses succeed and work for them.

The selection process ensures that we only work with people who are willing to put in the effort required to see results. Our experience has shown us that those who have to invest something - even if it's just their time and energy - are more likely to follow through on what they learn and put it into practice.

Plus, having everyone go through the application process ensures that everyone in the seminar is on the same page and starting from a similar place.

What is the catch ?

No catch; the seminar is designed to show you a system you can implement today to make your business even more successful and how to structure it to maximize your wealth for today and the future strategically.

This allows us to showcase the value of business coaching and independent advice and to achieve specific, measurable results.

If you want to explore coaching or remain with your current advisor, great. If not, that's great too!

Will my partner be welcome at the seminar?

Yes, absolutely! Let us know in advance so that we can reserve enough space for you. :)

What topics will be covered? 

This seminar is all about business success and proper strategic financial planning. We will cover the 6-Steps to business success, allowing you to self-audit to discover those areas that need working on.

We will also educate you on the implications of the financial decisions you have made up until this point and the negative impact this will have on your ability to enjoy a future free of financial worries.

Who will be presenting the workshop?

The workshop will be presented by the owner of ActionCOACH Vancouver, Joel Zimelstern & Jake Lee of IG Wealth Management,

Joel is an award-winning business and executive coach, trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and marketeer.

Jake is an award-winning financial advisor and expert in optimizing returns in an ethical and tax planning way.

Everything you want to know about your financial future but was afraid to ask!

Your business will be more financially secure

Feel confident & excited about your financial future!

Gain control over your future