Some inspiration for you:

  • Light is love. You can’t increase the light for light is pure. The light only appears to dim when you let the shadows in, but the light is still there. Live in the light, live with love.
  • Open your mind and you may learn more.
  • Open your heart and you will BE more.
  • When you walk in the shoes you own, you will be on the path to your greatness. P.S.— you
    already have them in your closet.
  • Who you are now is plain to see; who you will become is still a mystery.
  • The only excuse is the one you accept.
  • Today’s pain will become tomorrow’s lesson, from which a better you is assured.
  • When life has infinite possibilities, why are you limiting yourself to this experience?.
  • Celebrate what is, be grateful for what has been and open to what may unfold.
  • Remember the wins, the joy, smiles, celebrations and above all the love. Everything else was just a passing cloud.
  • Adaptation is nature’s way of enabling survival in changing environments; what you choose to change is your way of thriving in that new space.
  • Trust your instincts, as they are directly connected to your heart ❤️
  • When true to yourself, you will always have light in the dark.
  • There is only love and truth, anything else is built on the foundations of fear.
  • You don’t make a difference, you make THE difference.

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