I want to give you $100...



Hi, I am Joel Zimelstern

Head coach of ActionCOACH Vancouver.

I am really intrigued to hear your offer, but before you do, I think it’s only fair to understand the conditions under which I will accept.

First, if you will allow me to teach you a quick lesson in buying customers, otherwise known as marketing.

You have a product or service to sell, and you need customers. The biggest challenge facing you as a business owner is how to attract them.

Simple, I hear you shout – “Advertising! After all, I have a great product who will want to buy at this price?”

Well, as any salesperson will tell you, it isn’t that simple.

To get the chance to sell, you must first attract or invite your potential customers or prospects to engage with you. These prospects are themselves a distillation of the whole of your potential market, which I call, suspects. Pretty straight forward so far.

"The pool your suspects are in is the deepest and
widest pool in which your potential customers swim."

Just like fishing...

Your customers can get away before you even get a nibble or a chance to sell.

The experienced fisherman will tell you to find the water where there are more fish hungry for your bait. In doing so, you have separated your prospects from the suspects and make it easier to create a successful campaign.

I’m not going to extend the analogy further except to say that when you find the right stretch water and the right bait for your target fish, it will draw the fish to you in sufficient numbers that you are likely to walk away with a full basket.

So it is with your business that when you correctly identify where your customers are, you create a marketing campaign that attracts them and means you don’t have to seek customers everywhere.

What’s this to do with the $100 you want?

Just bear with me a little longer.

The prospects who are drawn to your marketing and start to engage with you, are just a proportion of those that you sought to market too. You now have to work at converting these prospects into customers who would buy from you.

And the money comes in!

Before you finally make me your offer, ask yourself, “How much has that customer and one-time sale cost you?”

When you have an idea of the cost, I want you to turn the question around and ask yourself this:

"What is that customer's lifetime value? How many times will they buy from me?

If I was to delight them, will they refer and recommend me
to their family, friends and connections?"

If so, what is that worth to me?

Now you have the information needed to make me a suitable offer.

If your customer’s lifetime value is higher than the cost of acquisition, then you have designed a marketing investment and not an expense.

Imagine for a moment, I was your customer and spent $100 every time, how much would you pay for that for 1st deal?

And this is the basis of my proposal to you.

You see, I would gladly pay $100 for you to buy from me as long as your offer, i.e. what you’re buying, is higher than the $100.

I showed my 12-year-old daughter the video that led you here, and she said that “this sounds like a scam” while she was holding her brand new iPhone. I had to stop for a moment, thinking I had utterly screwed up my messaging. I decided to show her how much Apple invested in marketing and advertising to entice her to nag me into buying her $700 phone. I couldn’t find out exactly how much of Apple‘s marketing goes towards the iPhone, but in 2018 it spent US$1.8 billion in advertising to generate sales over US$265 billion.

It was a fantastic investment return on buying customers!

What is more remarkable is how many of the customers stay forever in the Apple ecosystem, the perfect marketing and synergistic customer relationship.

Now I’m going to ask for you to consider your offer because I personify your perfect customer.

Someone willing to and

Committed to giving you $100 time and time again

With this information, I am sure you now appreciate there is more to designing a marketing and advertising strategy. As your coach, this I what I teach and develop with you.

Get in touch today to learn more about how to leverage your marketing expense and turn it into an excellent investment that produces a return, not just a one-time deal, but time and time again.

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