Lights, Camera, Action!

Personal Coaching

An actor plays the role written by another, winning awards for the realism of their performance. Are you performing in another’s play, attempting authenticity, knowing that the script isn’t yours? It’s time to author your own life, free to write the next chapter in whatever manner you choose, with your rules and meaning.

Why Have a Personal Coach?

Whatever the past was, it was the wonderful journey that brought you to where you stand today. It may not be as you want it, yet today is tomorrow’s past, and still to be written. Celebrate all that has been, for without it you wouldn’t be ready for tomorrow.  You may search your entire life for the perfect role for you to play and act out, only to miss the authenticity of your own life.

Without a coach, how will you know?

Why NOT Have a Coach...

It is hard, painful even, to straddle the paradox of life. The desire of wanting and the wish to be a valuable and worthy member of society. Getting comfortable within the space in between – the ‘being’, surrendering, and not having to ‘do’ – allows life to unfold in the right direction for you.

When you find your voice and express your uniqueness, you begin to lead instead of follow.  When you are true to yourself, take ownership of all your decisions and your impact – only then will you live truly aligned with your purpose.

Be you, be true, and be fulfilled.

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